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Privacy Policy

Cookie: A file stored in browsers to facilitate their identification. Widely used by websites to personalize routines for each user.

IP: Abbreviation for "Internet Protocol." It's the protocol that identifies, locates, and establishes a connection between computers connected to the internet.

Online Store: Refers to a website with order management software (shopping cart) where companies offer and sell their products. Customers access the site, choose products for purchase, and receive them at their homes or businesses.

URL: Abbreviation for "Uniform Resource Location" or Uniform Resource Locator. It's the standard for internet addresses. Each page should have its own URL for easy access.

Website: A set of information available on the internet by an individual, institution, company, etc., belonging to the same address (URL) and generally dealing with a specific subject.

General Policies:

The privacy policies of the virtual platform of Darold Clean are based on the principles of transparency and respect for relationships with its customers and visitors regarding the use of the website Darold Clean is concerned with the privacy and security of its customers and portal visitors and guarantees the protection of the personal information of all those who access it. However, users should be aware that internet security measures are not entirely infallible.

Privacy of Registration Data and Information Processing:

The information requested from customers and users is the minimum necessary for the realization and improvement of services provided by Darold Clean's website. This information is stored in Darold Clean's system for statistical and relationship purposes, with [Company Name] as the responsible entity, [CNPJ], [Address], [City], [State].

Information collected through forms and IP addresses is generic and used collectively for statistical purposes and to improve communication with visitors. Visitors can configure their internet browsers to reject the automatic collection of this information if desired.

Personal information of customers and visitors to the Darold Clean website collected through systems or registrations is kept according to strict standards of confidentiality and security and is not disclosed to third parties, except when expressly authorized by the customer for commercial/informational contact or by force of law.

Customers can, at any time, correct or update information, as well as other registration data provided to Darold Clean, using available contact channels. Fields without an indication of mandatory filling are voluntary, and their absence does not imply a decrease in the quality or quantity of the corresponding services.

Email Sending:

Product and service releases are communicated to consumers via email. Therefore, consumers are aware that they will receive emails from Darold Clean, and the quantity is unpredictable due to potential numerous changes.

Emails may also be used for satisfaction surveys, billing, and service improvement as needed.

To stop receiving emails, contact Customer Service at [Phone Number]. Another option is to unsubscribe using the link available in our emails.

Relationship with Third Parties:

Privacy policies adopted by Darold Clean are only applicable to the website and are not applicable to any other website associated with or related in any other form of disclosure and access. However, in our communication, there are links to access our social media, company institutional content, and privacy policies. For security reasons, any content considered confidential (such as data changes) is not sent through links.


Darold Clean ensures security in accessing the website; all transactions and information exchange are reserved with customers and visitors in specific areas through the data encryption process using the Secure Socket Layers (SSL) security protocol. This system includes certification that verifies the authenticity of the website, as well as ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of data during its transmission.

The Darold Clean website is accessed by customers and visitors with their own resources, using individual logins and passwords for personal use, non-transferable, and exclusively known to the respective user.

Customers and users are responsible for themselves, their employees, and/or representatives for safeguarding their passwords, not passing them on to third parties.


Darold Clean will only send emails to consumers of its products or those who have expressed interest in being part of our email list, thereby having access to all the content we provide. Therefore, there is no risk of receiving spam. In case you decide not to be part of our group, after expressing this desire, we will not send you emails trying to convince you to return.

Rights:All texts, images, sounds, and/or applications displayed on the website are protected by copyright and may not be modified, reproduced, stored, transmitted, copied, distributed, or used in any other way for commercial purposes without the prior formal consent of Darold Clean.

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